Modular Mezzanines

Prefinished modular mezzanines for indoor or outdoor use, come in a variety of finishes and qualify for an accelerated depreciation schedule. They also afford the user the flexibility of rearranging or enlarging the layout, or disassembly for movement to another site.

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Modular Two Story Office - View AModular Two-Story Office – View A

A large bakery needed restrooms and a lunch room on the 1st Floor plus offices and restrooms on the 2nd Floor of this two-story structure. A modular mezzanine was erected with the modular wall panels installed underneath and on top. All electrical and plumbing components and HVAC were also provided. The fire sprinklers were added by the customer’s contractor.

Modular Two Story Office - View BModular Two-Story Office  – View B

The structure is 40′ x 40′ x 18′ high.  Vinyl tile flooring was used for both levels.  The mezzanine was designed for a uniform load of 125-lbs./sq. ft.  The modular panels were colored vinyl on the outside and wood-grained vinyl on the inside.


Modular OfficeModular Office

A two-story modular structure provided needed office space while conserving valuable floor space. Units were complete with lighting and HVAC units.


Mezzanine OfficeMezzanine Office

This 20’ x 48’ Office complex on a mezzanine provides office and meeting space without taking any plant floor space.  The modular panels were with 1/2″ vinyl-clad gypsum board inside and out to provide added noise reduction.


Modular Equipment EnclosureModular Equipment Enclosure

A large gas and chemical manufacturing company needed a temperature controlled enclosure to protect freeze-drying equipment. This multiple level structure using 1-3/4” panels included single and double doors and viewing windows.